On Excellent Sheep and Irish Twins

I have a couple of new pieces coming up in Brain, Child Magazine this winter. One is a book review essay for their annual Brain, Teen issue. It’s on the trouble with elite education, and I look at several great books, including two out just this year: Excellent Sheep by William Deresiewicz (you might recall this powerful piece of his in The New Republic this past summer), and Early Decision by Lacy Crawford. As someone who is a product of public education, with strong professional ties to the ivy league, the topic is one I’ve been obsessed with for some time. And in a piece set to appear on the Brain, Child blog this Thursday, I had a good time writing about the projected anxiety my “Irish twins” provoked. A must read for all of you who returned from maternity leave already pregnant. Anyone…?

It’s part of a two-perspectives feature on how age gaps impact family dynamics. And there will be a twitter party known as The Great Brain Debate on Thursday 2/5. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIrish twins face the cold, cruel world. Stick together kids, it’s harsh out there.